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So good I can eat it raw

My first purchase from D'orazio's D'Pasta Co was at the Georgetown Market Days. I enjoyed it so much (even raw) that I tried to find them again the next month, but they weren't there. That's when I looked them up so I could order more online.

We’re sorry

We have loved our previous orders of pasta, but really did not like Roasted Garlic and Rosemary pasta. It seemed to lack any taste(could not taste rosemary or garlic) and I guess we like the more traditional shapes of pasta. We actually did not finish eating it. Just let me say we have loved all the other pastas we’ve ordered particularly the one with the wine.

Delicious and Great Service

Thanks for being a customer first company. The pasta is always fantastic.


I love D’Orazio’s D’Pasta ! It is soooo delicious!’ Always fresh and fabulous!!

"Grip and hold"

I love that your company dries the pasta slowly and creates a textured surface on the pasta that allows for the pasta to "grip and hold" the sauce. Your pasta is wonderful!

Scrumptious mushroom pasta

Your new mushroom pasta is absolutely scrumptious! Sometimes the flavor of mushrooms is too strong, but your new pasta is a delight and the flavor is perfect! One morning this week I was craving your pasta and made some for breakfast. It is a good think I work out with a personal trainer. Keep making wonderful new flavors of pasta!


We have used the pasta twice and it is fantastic. We have little ones so we went back to store pasta for weekly spaghetti and it was an obvious difference. The price difference is next to nothing compared to quality. Plan on using all the unique pasta styles for all kinds of recipes.

So delicious you will want to share it

This pasta is so delicious I sent some to a friend for her birthday, and to my adult children. My daughter could not choose which pasta to cook first, of the three I sent her, so she cooked some of each, and they had a three-pasta meal. It was pronounced amazing!

The best pasta

I don’t eat pasta often but when I do it’s theirs. Best quality and perfect size of bag.

Delicious pasta

This delicious pasta is clearly made with love. It cooks quickly, needs very little sauce or pesto, is very delicious and leaves you comfortably full! Your family and friends will love it!

Best pasta ever! (And I've been to Italy!)

This pasta was so fresh and delicious! I even nibbled on it while I was waiting for the water to boil. It was so yummy, I couldn't bear to even put sauce on it until we had it the second time. I will use this as gifts for my clients in the future!

White Wine and Lemon Pepper

Making love is amazing. As amazing as this pasta, though? No. This will pasta all your expectations of what food can be. Sheer perfection in food form!

Our favorite!

This pasta is perfect with a simple melted butter and lemon juice sauce. Definitely a family favorite!

Traditional Bucatini
Francesca Hutchinson
I just tried your pasta!

And I LOVE IT. It's made just the way I like it, great texture and taste. I will be buying more. Thank you.

Gluten Free Fusilli
Natalie Lynch
Best GF Pasta

I so miss good pasta and this gives it to me!

Creole Cajun Spice Spaghetti alla Chitarra
Blake Harllee
Ridiculously Incredible

If you find this review and still decide to order your pasta from somewhere else, you’re simply choosing failure and unhappiness. This pasta is the Showtime Lakers, the 90’s Cowboys, and the Jordan Bulls of pasta, all combined into one. The smell as it’s cooking? Magnificent. So good that it will make you hungry if you aren’t already. The taste? Ridiculous. How do they cram all of that flavor into a noodle? Makes no sense to me, but it’s freaking amazing. Buy this pasta and choose happiness.

Texas Red Wine and French Thyme Campanelle
C. Thompson
SO Good!

I used it to make my favorite Pasta Salad. and it was SO amazing, it really changed the flavor profile.

Great Quality

I absolutely love this pasta! The quality is great and the price is very reasonable. It's so flavorful, you don't really need sauce. The customer service goes above and beyond. I would definitely recommend and buy again.

Creole Cajun Spice Maccheroni
Shaina Gause
All the Pasta is Amazing!

I bought multiple types of pasta from D'orazio's and they are all amazing. You can't go wrong.

Fantastic Pasta!

So very flavorful! This has ruined me for all other pasta and roasted garlic and Mediterranean rosemary is my absolute favorite! 😋 Perfect for an evening meal with sautéed chicken and veggies or in a “welcome to the neighborhood” basket.

The perfect Traditional Capelli D'Angelo (Angel Hair)!

Thin like it should be and the perfect amount of chew. I love this pasta

The perfect Traditional Capelli D'Angelo (Angel Hair)!!

Perfect amount of chew. Love this pasta!

Traditional Campanelle
Mary Young
The best pasta

Great pasta, exceptional service. I limit carbs so when I have pasta I only want the best which is D’Orazio

Genovese Basil and Greek Oregano Cresto de Gallo
Emily B.
Love this pasta!

I have placed several orders for pasta and they have all been fantastic! Every flavor is delicious, definitely worth trying in multiple pasta shapes. If you haven’t ordered yet, order a boxful

Cresto de Gallo
Darcey DiMenna

Best pasta we have had since moving from New Haven CT!