About Our Pasta

Firstly, we understand that you have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the pasta for your dish and we appreciate you taking the time to read why we are the best option. 

Secondly all of our pasta is made using traditional Italian methods on wood or brass instruments. Our original pasta roller was a gift from my own Italian grandmother! Most store bought pasta is made using teflon coated equipment as it prevents the dough from sticking and makes the process much quicker; as you would want for an industrial scale operation. We are not industrial so we use the slower and older solid brass equipment. The brass creates a textured rough surface on the pasta due to its inherent imperfections. This textured surface is absolutely essential to high quality pasta. It allows for the pasta to "grip and hold" the sauce on its surface. The commercial pastas tend to leave a lot of sauce pooled up at the bottom of the bowl whereas our textured pastas pickup the sauce and put it in your stomach where it belongs!

Thirdly, we make use of a traditional low temperature drying method. It takes us a full 3 days to dry our pasta before packaging. This is absolutely key to maintaining the vibrant colors, delicious flavors, and healthy nutrients. 

Lastly, all of our pasta is made with the utmost respect for the history and heritage of Italian pasta making traditions. We make everything with our own two hands in small batches. We never rush the process and let the pasta speak to us as we knead, shape and stretch the dough into the perfect shape. Through this we hope to share with you not only the centuries of work that we imitate but also the healthiest and most delicious pasta in Austin, Texas.



Pasta la Vista! Ciao!

-D'Pasta Team