Collection: D'Gluten Free Pasta

Using a unique blend of gluten free flours we have created a gluten free pasta that has the truest taste and texture of any GF pasta available.

Our gluten free pasta is made with the upmost care and attention to our gluten-free friends. To make our gluten-free pasta we start the night before and close up every source of cross contamination as well as cranking up the music and deep cleaning for hours every nook, cranny, surface and ceiling. We then dedicate the entire work day to gluten-free production so that there is the most minimal risk of cross contamination there. Even after production we dry, package and store all of our gluten-free pasta in a completely separate room so that it never has a chance to be cross-contaminated.

If you think there is more we can do, have questions on our process or are looking for a special gluten-free pasta that you are craving feel free to shoot us a text or call us at 512-877-6500.


*That all being said, we are not a certified gluten-free facility so while we do take every precaution we can, and are always up for suggestions on what more we can do, there is always going to be an inherent risk that must be taken in account when ordering*